How A Group Of Students Helped A Deaf Girl To Regain Her Hearing

How A Group Of Students Helped A Deaf Girl To Regain Her Hearing

Group Of Students Helped Deaf Girl Regain Her Hearing

It was a usual day for Gramiksha Jaipur volunteers as they spread out in the Jak Bus Stand area of Bagru looking for a kid’s story worth sharing under project Jagrukta; this project aims to bring into limelight a clearer picture of what the underprivileged children go through and feel, to a modern educated society which turns a blind eye towards them. Little did they know about the change they were about to bring in someone’s life.

While surveying, they reached a middle-aged man working with his daughter. After a few questions, the man invited the volunteers inside his house, more appropriately a small room with rat bitten rug on the floor. Soon enough, the entire society gathered, and tea was served to the volunteers. Now, for the same question, volunteers received multiple answers from all sides and few giggles from the kids. After, a series of questions the volunteers had nothing substantial. But their one final question “yahan kisi bacche ko kisi bhi tareeke koi bimari koi pareshaani nai hai?” changed the entire scenario.

Immediately a kid was sent who came back with a little shy girl and her mother whose eyes were crying out for help. On asking their story the volunteers got to know, Murshida Ji, the mother, was a widow who earned merely a handful through stitching clothes. Murshida Ji’s daughter, Tamanna was 15 years old. Tamanna, like any other girl had dreams, desires and aspirations. But there was something which kept her from spreading out her wings. She suffered from a condition called “CSOM Cholesteatoma”. This disease causes the destruction of the bones of the middle ear (ossicles). It can also further spread through the base of the skull into the brain. Cholesteatoma are also often infected and can result in chronically draining ears accompanied with hearing loss. In Tamanna’s case, the condition was degrading day by day.


The volunteers were informed that Tamanna wished to go to school every day but could not do so as every now and then smelly ear wax started oozing out of her ears causing her a lot of discomforts and severe pain. Shy Tamanna could only express her agonising pain through these statements, “Jab jab karta hai.. mavad nikalta hai.. Bahaut dard hota hai..”. Every single day during the summers was a torture for Tamanna, since the scorching heat of the Sun worsened her condition. On being asked, she informed the volunteers that she wanted to become a doctor.

The heartbreaking story of Tamanna left a profound effect on the volunteers compelling them to promise any sort of help to the widow whose definition of life and happiness was her little daughter Tannu. On investigating into the matter and talking to her doctor, it was found out that Tamanna’s case was serious and operating her would cost approximately Rs. 22,000. They say “It is the unexpected that changes our lives”. The Gramiksha Jaipur team decided to voice her cause and start a donation drive. Within a fortnight, the desired amount was collected. The fundraising event was planned as a small flash mob in the hostel campus of Manipal University Jaipur. After a short dance performance, a heartwarming video was played for the crowd followed by a small announcement by one of the volunteers. Other volunteers went around with donation boxes to which the crowd of students donated with open hands.

Tamanna was operated at Pingolia ENT Center, Shyam Nagar, Jaipur. The operation was a success after 8 long hours. Murshida Ji thanked Gramiksha Jaipur with tear rolling down her eyes. Tamanna had to be taken for 2 follow-ups thereafter, and now, she is perfectly fine. Shy Tamanna is now a brave and confident 15-year-old, who goes to school every day and continues to dream, inspire and aspire and Gramiksha continues to Be The Change.

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