Japanese Plantation Method Is Helping This NGO Grow 12,000 Trees In Stretch Of Just One Acre

Japanese Plantation Method Is Helping This NGO Grow 12,000 Trees In Stretch Of Just One Acre

Rapid urbanisation has robbed the world of its green cover. As we progress to build more buildings and develop our infrastructure, we do so at the cost of nature. However, there are a few among us who understand the value of nature. Green Yatra NGO, headed by Pradeep Tripathi is one of them.

With the aim of increasing the green cover of the country, which at present is abysmally below the government recommended 33%, the Green Yatra is reaching several metropolitan and smaller cities.

What makes Green Yatra different is the use of innovative methods of doing so. One of such methodologies adopted by the organisation is the ‘Miyawaki technique’.

The Green Yatra NGO harbours a great ambition of planting about 10 crore trees in India by 2025. The NGO has covered cities and towns like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Pune. However, Tripathi and his team realised that space to plant such an enormous number of trees was a constraint. This problem became more pronounced when the team reached Mumbai. The team soon realised that it would have to look for methods which would help them achieve their goal in a limited piece of land available.

Miyawaki technique for increasing green cover

It was after facing the shortage of land that the team stumbled upon the Japanese method of Miyawaki plantation. This method includes planting trees as close as possible which not only saves space, but the planted saplings also support each other in growth. This also blocks sunlight reaching the ground, thereby preventing the growth of weed.

Green Yatra Miyawaki Technique
Team at work

Developed by Japanese botanist and plant ecology expert, D Akira Miyawaki, this technique helped the team in planting a staggering 12,000 trees in a stretch of about one acre in front of Central Railside Warehouse Company Limited (CRWL), Jogeshwari East, Mumbai. In the project of such huge proportion, the team, along with an organisation named SayTrees, has been able to plant 3,000 trees of 30 different native species in the first leg itself. In this, multi-layered, 2-3 feet saplings are planted very closely, that is, 2-5 saplings per square meter. These saplings can grow up to 20 feet long tree in just 2 years.

Green Yatra Miyawaki Technique
In progress

Green Yatra Miyawaki Technique

While speaking to The Logical Indian, Tripathi said, “Miyawaki method helps to create a forest in just 20 to 30 years, while through conventional methods it takes anywhere between 200 to 300 years. This technique helps us to plant a different variety of trees in the same piece of land. We also specifically plant trees native to a particular region, because of which these trees don’t require much maintenance. Also, we do no use any form of chemical or artificial fertilizers.”

Green Yatra Miyawaki Technique
Pradeep Tripathi

“Can We Afford Negligence?”

Tripathi points out that a Delhi-based organisation estimated that if the oxygen we breath was to be charged for, each individual would have to pay Rs 13 lakh a day! “Most of us don’t value nature, because things like oxygen are, as of now, free. But the question is, can we afford to be this negligent towards nature?” Tripathi adds.

Members of Green Yatra NGO

The Logical Indian applauds Green Yatra on using an innovative method to combat the rapid depletion of nature. We would ask our community members to take inspiration from such projects and do their bit to save the planet.

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