Monitoring Govt Schemes Using Technology; How Andhra Pradesh Govt. Pilot Project Is An Example For Other States To Follow

Monitoring Govt Schemes Using Technology; How Andhra Pradesh Govt. Pilot Project Is An Example For Other States To Follow

It has been 3 years since the Andhra Pradesh government has implemented the innovative CM’s dashboard, showcasing the real-time data of various government initiatives and projects. After getting applauded by different stakeholders, The logical Indian analyzed the current status of CM’s dashboard and how both the government and citizens have benefited from it, with information received from government officials.

CM Naidu can be seen analysing the slide on CM’s Dashboard.
CM Naidu can be seen analysing the slide on CM’s Dashboard.

What is CM’s dashboard and how it works?

CM’s dashboard is nothing but the information of various departments displayed on a single screen. One can check all the department activities on a real-time basis. The data displayed on the screen is monitored by department heads. Being the first state to make use of this technology, the initiative has received tremendous appreciation from various realms including Niti Ayog and International political platform called High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) at the international conference on sustainable development held in New York.

CM’s Dashboard home page

CM Chandrababu Naidu can execute various operations under the government while sitting in the room. All the departments share the progress of various projects on a day-to-day basis. There are quarterly, monthly, and yearly updations too. Everything displayed on the dashboard is open to citizens and they can take the note. The look and design of the website make it user-friendly and people can have easy access. The colours and fonts used on the website give a pleasant look to the website.The information displayed is simple and clear. One can have access to the dataset like the current rainfall status, how many street lights have installed, and how many are working and so on. The dashboard has other features like multi-star rating, key performance indicators and government ranking.

Areas covered under CM’s dashboard

Higher education, Housing, IT&C, Krishna Pushkaram, Labour, MA&UD, Mr Brick-My Amaravati, Panchayat Raj, Police, Registration and stamps, Revenue, Roads and buildings, Rural development, School Education, Tourism, Water Resource, Welfare Department, Woman and child welfare, Health, medical and family welfare, Forest, Finance, Excise, Commercial taxes, Civil supplies, Rainfall status, Agricultural and Allied sector, Street lights, Aadhaar enabled biometric, Attendance system, Ground Water, Energy, NTR Bharosa, Praja Sadhikara survey, Ease of doing business, MGNREGS.

Current status and How it functions?

The project was launched in 2014 as an initiative to put the officials on their toes and to bring transparency to the administration with 6 departments and 12 government schemes. Now, 26 departments and 230 government schemes are part of the project. “Many people are flooding to CM’s dashboard with 4559 average users and 4.85 lakh hits per day”, said Vinay, who works as a business analyst in the IT department to The Logical Indian.

When asked about the accuracy of the data, he said there is no manual intervention to manipulate the data and they make use of latest technology for tracking data. According to him, there was not much publicity for the project during the initial stages. “When government implement some initiatives or projects, it must reach out to people. So making them aware of the project was our first target. Now, both the citizens and the government are benefitted from it”, said Vinay.

“States like Chhattisgarh and Goa have approached AP government to implement similar kind of projects in the respective states. The Central Government was also impressed by the system and longing for similar kind of it”, said Vinay to The Logical Indian. Besides these Uttarakhand Government on Monday launched CM dashboard to mark the birthday of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee which is being celebrated as Good Governance Day.

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