Delhi: Children Become Crusaders For Better Air Quality; Educate Parents To Minimise Pollution

Anukriti Ganesh Delhi

December 20th, 2018 / 12:27 PM

Children Parents Air Quality

With growing pollution and smog in Delhi, school children have come forward to raise awareness about the importance of clean and pollution free environment, especially around schools.

Today, 50 students from Bal Bharti Public School volunteered in a campaign organised by Lung Care Foundation, a non-profit organisation, to encourage drivers to switch off the ignition if they wait in or around school areas. The campaign aimed to inform that if a vehicle is halting for more than 10 secs, the drivers should shut the engine of their vehicles off even when they are waiting for the traffic signal to turn green.

Students braved the cold weather 

The students from Bal Bharti Public school formed a human chain and waited around school pick up and drop points. They aimed to inform their parents, drivers and other students about the harmful effects of private vehicles. They also encouraged them to take school buses to minimise the increasing pollution in Delhi.

“Today we went to four schools and two main crossings with children. All the students volunteered enthusiastically for the campaign, which made it successful,” said Matrushri P. Shetty, Director-Program of Lung Care Foundation, Delhi to a The Logical Indian.

What is “no-idling” campaign

The no-idling campaign is a part of B.E.S.T (Breathe Easy Stay Tough) Club School initiative taken by Lung Care. It targeted parents, drivers and other commuters who wait to pick up their children from schools. “The duration of idling varies between 10-20 minutes, while waiting to pick up the children from school or stuck in traffic jam outside school at the time of school dispersal, thereby, exposing children to high levels of pollution right outside the school and in transit,” said Mr Abhishek Kumar CEO of the lung cancer foundation.

“We have initiated the campaign, and now it’s the responsibility of the schools to come forward and volunteer for the same. Now that winter break is coming up, and we are expecting more schools to come forward and help us raise awareness in Delhi as well as in the entire country,” added Matrushri while talking to The Logical Indian.

Effects of Air Pollution

Studies by WHO has revealed that globally 93% of the children live in environments with air pollution level above the WHO guidelines. The study also revealed that in 2016, 60,000 died due to the respiratory tract infection caused due to ambient air pollution and household air pollution.

“Children are most susceptible to sudden spikes in the air pollution, which is over and above the high air pollution condition that prevails in our city most of the year. Prolonged exposure of such spikes can lead to children developing asthma, Bronchitis, poor mental and physical development, said Dr Arvind Kumar, Chest Surgeon and Founder Trustee of Lung Care Foundation.

The Logical Indian Take

The campaign is a sincere effort by students asking their parents and adults to take measures now before its too late. Children deserve a better future and a better environment, and this campaign is a step towards the awareness that Delhi requires at this moment.

The Logical Indian urges more schools and people to come forward and help these children to reach a larger population and to help the message reach every nook and cranny of the country.

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Edited by : Poorbita Bagchi

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