“No Job-No Vote” Activist, Chandra Mishra Assaulted In Mysuru

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January 17th, 2018 / 10:25 AM

Chandra Mishra, the national activist and coordinator of the ‘No job, No vote’ campaign, was allegedly attacked by a group of men led by the Congress on Thursday. The assault upon the activist took place near the Freedom Fighter’s park in Mysuru. Mishra has alleged that the attack was led by Prashant Gowda who is not only backed by the Congress Party but is also a member of the Mysuru Mahanagara Palike.

Course of Event

The brutal attack upon Mishra and his fellow activists took place on the morning of Thursday at 9:15 AM when they were preparing for a press meet scheduled at 11:30 AM in Mysuru town.

The press conference was called upon by the activist of “no job-no vote”, Chandra Mishra to produce the findings of the survey he carried out in the villages of Varuna constituency by interviewing over 11,000 youngsters about the job opportunities and how far were they were satisfied with it.

On Thursday morning, when Mishra and his allies were near Mysuru’s Freedom Fighter’s Park preparing the banner and brief of their findings, the goons attacked the volunteers. They kept asking why the photograph of Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah was used in the banners. Upon being alarmed by the abrupt turn of events, Mishra intervened and was immediately targeted and brutally assaulted allegedly by the Congress Corporator Prashant Gowda along with other members of his group. This left Chandra profusely bleeding through nose and lips.

According to the activist, goons followed them in different villages for the last seven days. “They followed us everywhere we went. They had minor tussles with us and even threatened us on many occasions, but we did not take it seriously as we thought such things happen on a visit to a VIP constituency or a sensitive constituency,” said Mishra.

Mishra also said that the police turned up an hour late. Further, he filed his FIR at the local police station. “After I first filed my FIR, they (Gowda and supporters) came much later, after one hour and filed their FIR after me. But if you go by the serial numbering, my FIR is numbered as eleven while their FIR is numbered as ten. This has deliberately been done to cast an impression that my FIR is a counter FIR.” said Mishra.

In an exclusive interview with The Logical Indian, the activist also revealed that the police made a strategy to delete the name of Prashant Gowda from all records despite having Gowda’s name mentioned in his FIR. Instead, “public attack” was written in place of Gowda’s name.

Chandra Mishra did not hold back his disgust at such dirty politics being spawned uninhibited. He called up the commissioner of Police right from the Police Station and explained the scenario. The commissioner assured him that the culprits shall duly be served and will be behind bars in a day.”

Prashant Gowda’s discord antipathy with Mishra that apparently took the shape of infamous close quarter tussle comes as a result of Mishra’s dynamic enterprise to carry out a much-needed survey to measure the employment ratio. Gowda allegedly chastised the activist to dare to raise the question at the CM.

The press meet is rescheduled to take place tomorrow that is January 14th. Mishra told The Logical Indian that he and his allies would like to address the press not just to produce their findings to the press but to also sketch a blueprint for Varuna to create over 20,000 jobs.

What Is The Idea Behind Chandra Mishra’s “NO JOB-No Vote” Campaign

In conversation with The Logical Indian, Chandra Mishra explains that “no job-no vote” is simply a slogan while the real name of the organisation is called “zero unemployment model”. This movement is carried out basically for all backward areas. According to Mishra, the movement is a constructive endeavour and aims to ensure employment for the youth of this nation.

The campaign is being run in Karnataka since March 2017. It started in Orissa as alternate employment policy in the year 2002 when dozens of unemployed youth committed suicide. In due course, Orissa became the first state to implement “zero unemployment model” devised by Mishra as part of the nationwide campaign.

The “no job-no vote” campaign is a thoroughly apolitical movement which means it does not identify with any Political Party. Mishra says that there is no political motive whatsoever behind the campaign as a similar survey was conducted in Shikaripura, the constituency of BJP chief ministerial candidate Yeddyurappa as well.

Why Campaign In Karnataka

Karnataka has two crores, thirty-four lakh youth voters who are 53% of the electorate. According to Mishra, youth voters are a driving factor behind the political face of the country. Politicians, on the other hand, try to play divisive politics at the hands of potential young torchbearers.

Also, since two major national political parties BJP and Congress will be fighting the upcoming Karnataka election, the agenda is to make Karnataka elections a national debate about “right employment policy for India”. If the ruling party and the main opposition party agree upon the agenda then within 24 hours, it can be passed in the parliament. Therefore, the campaign in Karnataka owes greater services to the national campaign about youth employability.

The Logical Indian extends one hundred percent solidarity to the activist of “zero unemployment model”, Chandra Mishra. An assault upon him is an assault upon democracy. This incident raises and reiterates multiple alarming questions concerning a citizen’s right to freedom of speech and dissent, competency of the police department.


Written by : Apurwa Shrivastava (Guest Author)

Edited by : Poorbita Bagchi

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