Brand Initiatives That Upheld The Idea Of India And Were Loved By Our Community Members

Brand Initiatives That Upheld The Idea Of India And Were Loved By Our Community Members

The past year has been especially dynamic in terms of a collective political awakening of the people of India. There has been a surge in involved political discourses, resistance and solution-oriented intrinsic investigation of constitutional ethos. Sharing this sentiment of people of India, last year, a number of reputed labels came forward with their brand initiatives to contribute their bit to the idea of India.

With Republic Day squared around the corner, we take this opportunity to celebrate brand initiatives who did their bit to uphold the idea of what constitutes our unified nation in many innovative ways. Therefore, making a quick dive in 2019, we have brought back the exemplary brand initiatives who we partnered with to take the conversation forward. Talking about the strength of the Indian Constitution, rational discourses and the importance of choosing the right ‘netas’, these initiatives that started multiple significant conversations were also overwhelmingly appreciated by our audience in great numbers.

Tata Salt


When India became a republic, it was the only nation in the modern world to have one person one vote irrespective of caste, creed or race. Progressive in all its forms, Constitution beholds the idea of India. Tata Salt with its initiative #NamakKeWaastey had paid tribute to the largest democratic republic in the world through a surreal salt art on the occasion of Republic Day 2019.

United Colours of Benetton


They say India is adorned with different religions coexisting with remarkable amicability. They not just live with each other but also lives in each other, often in nooks and corners, in little alleys. United Colours of Benetton through its initiative #UnitedByHarmony brings out one such beautiful story of love and togetherness between Hindus and Muslims to show that harmony is indeed simple.



India is a country where political debates can get feverish beyond measures. A lot of times, people come at the receiving end of unsolicited online trolls and abuses. As a result, such online discussions amounts up to no value. GovernEye, a unique platform allows users to have a constructive democratic discussion without any fear of abuses. In addition, GovernEye has diverse users from citizens to policymakers to politicians who can come in direct touch with each other to have a holistic and a more evolved discussion.

The Times Of India


In India, the elected representative reflects the unanimous choice of the people. But come to think of it, is it really true? The reasoning is fairly simple! Due to factors such as jobs and education in a different state than one’s home state contributes to loss of votes which if otherwise cast could change the course of the election result. To address this prolonged crisis, the Times of India rolled out #LostVote initiative to appeal to the Election Commission to allow Indians away from their hometown to vote!

Times Now


The cost of choosing a government without any mindful evaluation can cost the country an unaffordable price in terms of its many socio-politico-economic aspects! Times Now started a remarkable conversation to encourage an informed assessment of the candidate before casting a vote. In its noteworthy initiative #SwachhNeta, Times Now facilitated a background check of the candidates in various constituencies.

The Logical Indian lauds these brands who championed the initiatives that called for systematic reform through art and action-based involvement. With the turn of the year and also a whole decade, it is once again that the country swells with constitutional discourses. But in all its might, India, Bharat or Hindustan remains one beautiful unified nation and what makes it stand tall among all is its democratic framework which sews together the many cultures, religions and ethnicity.

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