A Single Mom & Teacher; KBC Winner On How She Picked Her Life After Her Husband Got Abducted By Terrorists
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A Single Mom & Teacher; KBC Winner On How She Picked Her Life After Her Husband Got Abducted By Terrorists

Every night at 9 PM almost every household in India turn on their television and stay glued to it for the next one and a half hour to watch the popular show Kaun Banega Crorepati. The show has changed the lives of many contestants, and one such person is Binita Jain, a tuition teacher and a single mother of two. She has won the hearts of scores of people all around the country by becoming the first crorepati of the 10th season.

On October 2, Binita (46) won one crore prize money by answering all the 14 questions. However, she exhausted all her lifeline till the 13th question but managed to answer the 14th question for Rs 1 crore without any help. The risk was big, her wrong answer and she would have gone home with just Rs. 3.5 lakhs. She was confident about her answer and cracked the 14h question. Then it was the most difficult and the last question of the show that would have gotten her Rs 7 core prize money. The question was- “Who invented the first stock ticker in 1867?” The four options were – Edward Calahan, Thomas Edison, David Gestetner and Robert Barclay. A confused Binita who told the Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, that she has no idea what a stock ticker is. Subsequently, she took the wise decision to quit the show. Mr Bachchan asked the contestant to choose one answer. Binita chooses the first option- Edward Calahan. Then something “unbelievable” happens. It turned out that the correct answer was Edward Calahan.

Talking about her last question on the show, she told The Logical Indian that she does not regret quitting the show as the risk was big for her. “I know the guess was right but still I am happy I did not take that risk,” she said.

She is an inspiration

The Social Studies and English teacher at a coaching centre in her hometown in Guwahati opened up about her personal life on the show. The mother of two told Mr Bachchan about how her husband used to travel abroad for business trips, but he did not return from one such trip. When the search began, the family got to know that some terrorists had kidnapped him in 2003 and after many efforts, the family could not get him back.

The incident happened 15 years ago, but Binita is still grappling with the loss of her husband. However, she soon caught up with reality and became the breadwinner of the family. The single mother says that it was difficult for her initially, but her children were her strength. She says it would have been pleasant if their father would have been here but the children made sure that she does not feel alone. “It was not just me who was fighting. My children were also fighting along with me all this time,” she said.

While talking about her welcome to her hometown Guwahati after the show, she said, it was a tremendous welcome. “I could not believe it, all my friends and relatives had come to the airport to welcome me. The people who do not even know me are sending me their wishes over facebook and from other sources, it is just a dream for me,” she said with a laugh.

Talking about her entire journey from the time she got selected for Kanu Banega Crorepati, she said, “When I got the news that I am selected, for me, the biggest challenge ahead was Fastest Finger First round. There are so many contestants who reach the show but still do not get to sit on the hot seat with Amitabh ji. To be honest, it was the scariest round for me.”

A teacher who now has become a celebrity, says that she was really nervous sitting in front Amitabh Bachchan and the so many cameras on her at the same time. She says it made her really nervous initially. “As soon I sat on the hot seat, I got really nervous. When I was answering the first question, all I was thinking was about cameras and how it will look on the national television. But then I just told myself that what am I doing, I have come here to play the game,” she said.

While talking about her “charming” host, she said “Amitabh ji made me feel really comfortable on the show. He understood that I was getting tensed and nervous so he told me to me to relax and after that these things did not come to my mind, though Amitabh ji’s aura was distracting me all the time, he made me feel that I was sitting at home and answering his questions.”

Kanu Banega Crorepati

Binita Jain with her daughter

“Being single is not an excuse”

“As a child, I was academically a bright student but had to drop my studies for my marriage. I was a house maker then, who was taking care of the family like most other women. But, when that incident happened in my life, I realised I have to get up for myself and my children. I had two responsibilities first-to take care of my children and second- to earn for them. So I started as a teacher, the profession that I really liked and this help me to do both my task,” said Binita who now teaches 125 students in a coaching class.

As a single mother, she says that all women out there have to fight for themselves. She says that we have to recognise the challenges and have to fight against them. “Don’t wait for help, first help yourself and when people will see that who has so much strength they will always come to you,” she added.

Kanu Banega Crorepati
Binita Jain with her parents

The Logical Indian also spoke to Binita’s father, who says that he is very proud of her daughter. He says that her daughter fought her life battle courageously and never lost hope and that is why she could archive this in her life. Binita’s both the children are in Bangalore. One of them is studying for medical, and the other one has just finished her graduation and is now working.

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