An Indians Journey To Pakistan To Know What Pakistan Feels About India

An Indian's Journey To Pakistan To Know What Pakistan Feels About India

Gaurav Uppal is a Delhi-based Businessman. Owing to the popular anti-Pakistan sentiment in India, he was always curious to know how Pakistan feel about India and how different are Pakistanis and Indians. To debunk this popular belief of hatred, he went on a journey to Pakistan. Gaurav shares his experiences of Pakistan in an exclusive interview with The Logical Indian.

Please tell us something about your early life.
I was influenced by negative media image about Pakistan. But I started travelling abroad at the age of 23 years and started meeting all kind of people. In abroad too, people of India and Pakistan maintain a gap. But gradually some good sessions of debate and respect exchanges have changed their mindset completely. I still remember the first time I saw a Pakistani; I was quite excitingly watching him because I have never seen any pakistani before and have only made pre-judgements.

What made you to go to Pakistan and research about this?
My grandma (Naniji), always spoke about her native place Mandi Bahuddin in Punjab, Pakistan. We used to listen her stories. Since I travel quite frequently, one day I decided to take her to her native place. She always used to challenge me that she can find her house if she reaches Mandi Bahuddin railway station and very interestingly on our visit to Pakistan in November, she could identify her school, gurdwara, house, market etc.

How similar are the things there compared to India?
Honestly speaking, there’s no big difference in comparison to lifestyle or market retail price. Infact food also, in Pakistan you get more genuine taste, as i have compared the fruits and vegetables are juicier. Sweets are more original in taste and there is no possibility of adulteration in foods compare to our big cities. Atmosphere is clean and less polluted and the roads are also free to drive. People seems satisfied in life.

Do the People there entertain support what you are doing?
I must say Indian gets more respect in Pakistan. I received warm support and VIP treatments there. One has to visit to Pakistan to experience a different kind of love there.

Currently you are staying in Pakistan or you travel frequently?
After my first visit, I decided not to stop and continue to visit Pakistan. I tried to discover business opportunities, which made me feel India and Pakistan must do trade between them. If India gets Pakistan business and tourism, it will be big support for our Indian Industry. Pakistanis are big fans of Indian food, movies, products, tradition etc.

What reaction you get from India for doing all these?
I have not received even a single negative feedback till now. I also get similar VIP like treatment in India. Everyone appreciate my efforts. All in all it is really a great feeling. Thanks to India for supporting my efforts.

A message to the Logical Indian community members
Every country is great. Give respect to every country and love all. You will find amazing positive outcome from it. Jai Hind.

The Logical Indian appreciates Mr Gaurav Uppal for his efforts and his message. We request our community to spread the word of peace and look beyond borders for a better and peaceful future.

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