Rajokri Lake Revived By Delhi Government Wins Jal Shakti Ministry Award

The Delhi government has been recommended with the excellence award by the Jal Shakti Ministry for revamping of the Rajokri lake.

The Delhi government has been honoured with the excellence award by the Jal Shakti Ministry for revamping of the Rajokri lake. Previously, the lake was filled with sewage deposits coming from the neighbourhood. After the action of the Delhi Jal Board, the miserable condition of the lake was completely transformed.

The award was given at a water innovation summit held by the Union Ministry. The lake, which was in miserable condition since 2017 was taken up by the Delhi Jal Board for rejuvenating. Situated at the Delhi-Gurugram border, the area spread over 9,446 square metres, has been transformed into a water body of 2,000 square metres.

For the revitalisation of the water body, the authorities, including the Flood and Irrigation Department with the Delhi Jal Board, introduced a technologically advanced scientific wetland system with activated bio-digestion. It was one of the first projects taken up by the Arvind Kejriwal government.

The Delhi Jal Board has received a few awards earlier as well for the same project. This provides more motivation for the entire team.

"Currently, we are working on rejuvenating five other lakes. Three projects have been cleared by the administration. Five projects are in the estimation stage. These are all going to be done on big lakes," said Ankit Srivastava, advisor of the Delhi Jal Board as reported by The New Indian Express.

Srivastava added that more projects to revamp around 50 small water bodies are already in the pipeline. There are 25 more projects are in the pipeline. The government is working on various innovations to achieve the vision of Clean Yamuna and 24×7 water. The transformation of Rajokri lakes stands as a testimony to the Jal Board's efforts in this direction.

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