I Have Made These Videos After Moving To Sector 7 Dwarka. The Situation Is Pathetic
Source: Daily Mail UK| Image Courtesy: Anil Parashar

"I Have Made These Videos After Moving To Sector 7 Dwarka. The Situation Is Pathetic"

The latest of Delhi’s problems is garbage dumping. With a population of 18.09 million, the total waste collected is around 8500 tonnes daily. Including plastic waste, the total rubbish collected per day is around 9,205 tonnes per day. The New Delhi Municipal Corporation’s staff is comprised of more than 3000 supervisory employees and workers. It is supported by an annual budget of Rs 119 crore, as reported by Daily Mail UK. Even then, the garbage is not disposed of properly which is causing problems for residents. Exposure to the waste poses a grave threat to animals, people and environment.

A recent post by a Delhi resident, Anil Parashar explains how the garbage problem is still prevalent in our society. Here is what he posted:

Good Morning Friends. I am drawing ur attention towards non-clearance of garbage, open manholes, rampant encroachments of pavements and pathways through these videos which I have made after moving in entire Sector 7 Dwarka yesterday. The situation is very pathetic and raising and violation of many human rights like the right to life, the right to health, right to clean environment and right to live with dignity. Rag pickers particularly children are seen everywhere in Dwarka. There is rampant encroachment in parks sine these parks have not been maintained by the authorities. Prima facie it appears that all these activities are being carried in collusion with authorities.

Raise your voice it counts.

Stand up for others rights today.

Pl share in public interest which will wake dumb and blind authorities.

The rising pollution levels are already causing health problems to the citizens of Delhi. Garbage dumping should not become another reason for people’s suffering. The Logical Indian requests the NDMC to look into the matter and do the needful.

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