'SayTrees': Bengaluru-Based NGO Is Transforming Farmers' Lives, Tackling Climate Change

Taking the prevailing challenges into consideration, 'SayTrees' came forward and showed new aspirations in the lives of the farmers in the rural areas by initiating agroforestry projects.

India   |   30 Oct 2020 11:38 AM GMT / Updated : 2020-10-30T17:20:48+05:30
Writer : Arpana Shetty | Creatives : Abhishek M
SayTrees: Bengaluru-Based NGO Is Transforming Farmers Lives, Tackling Climate Change

"The farmer has to be an optimist, or he wouldn't still be a farmer." – Will Rogers

India is an agricultural country. Agriculture is "only" 14% of the country's economy but the largest sector for employment. During the earlier years, agriculture was easier and harvesting two or three cereal crops like Ragi and Jowar seemed good to our farmers. But these days it has become very difficult as the prices have dropped and the produce is not getting the right price. Our farmers don't have a back-up plan. The slightest change in rain and sunshine could be a matter of life and death, the biggest reason being - climate change.

Taking these prevailing circumstances into consideration, 'SayTrees' came forward and showed new aspirations in the lives of the farmers in the rural areas by initiating agroforestry projects.

To a farmer who barely manages to provide for members of his family with two meals per day, SayTrees provide them with fruit-bearing saplings and assist them in the farming process.

These fruit saplings grow to become trees which not only increase the green cover but start bearing fruits in two years. Farmers sell fruits from these trees and earn a parallel income. The farmers are now able to earn a considerable amount of income by selling the fruit bearings from the trees which were given to them as saplings. This sustainable income helps the farmers to support their families to meet their growing needs. In addition to earning a supplemental income, agroforestry has proven to be one of the preeminent methods to combat climate change and soil degradation by making maximum use of the land by simultaneously cultivating farm crops and trees which benefit economically and conservatively to the farmland.

Many farmers around these areas have replaced the shrubs planted in their farms earlier with the native fruit-bearing saplings given to them which are growing very well, and they are requesting SayTrees to continue planting like this with other farmers as well.

The founder of SayTrees, Kapil Sharma, says he has been planting trees for 13 years now but planting fruit-bearing saplings with farmers is something which gives him the most joy. Our farmers work in silence and feed millions. The more we know them the more we will respect them.

There are a few hundred million farmers in India. SayTrees is fighting relentlessly to support as many farmers as they can. Through its various projects, this NGO has benefited the lives of 820 farmers. Close to 2,00,000 saplings have been planted and it doesn't stop there.

"If you ate today thank a farmer.

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