Pune: Training Programme Launched For Zilla Parishad Teachers To Improve Science Teaching

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Pune: Training Programme Launched For Zilla Parishad Teachers To Improve Science Teaching

The programme is jointly rolled out by Pune Knowledge Cluster, a government vertical, and the District Institute of Education and Training, where it aims to refine the levels and skills involved in science teaching.

A training programme was launched recently in Pune that aims to improve the level and skills involved in science teaching among the teaching fraternity. This is jointly rolled out by the Pune Knowledge Cluster (PKC) and the District Institute of Education and Teaching in the city. The former is created by the Indian Government's Principal Scientific Advisor to help address the problems that the city goes through with the help of innovative and scientific means.

Based On A 1500 Teachers Survey

As reported by the Indian Express, the maiden programme is planned with the help of a survey where they analysed the responses given by 1500 teachers about refining their skills when it comes to teaching this particular subject. A module has been created on the basis of this that will be followed during the training programme. It is said that this will last for around three months.

This training is for teachers in Zilla parishad schools and city-based Junior Colleges from Class VI to XII. The programme began on Monday and it will take place once a week in the upcoming 12 weeks. Before each session, a teacher-knowledge test will be conducted to see if the programme is actually effective. The course trainers are actually pedagogy experts at colleges and universities.

Helping Them Understand New Techniques

The local teachers aim to benefit from this programme as they will learn new methodologies to teach the subject with. PKC's principal investigator named Ajit Kembhavi told The Times of India about the sessions which will be conducted and the broad topics that will be focussed on during these sessions in order to get these concepts crystal clear in the teachers' minds.

Not only that, they seem extremely enthusiastic about learning new ways of teaching a subject they have been for a while. "It is quite possible that I may be teaching a topic in a way that is hard for students to understand. Such sessions help us know more about the topic as well as ways to teach them. If there are simpler ways to teach a concept, any teacher will adopt it, "a Bibvewadi-based teacher, Sarika Dhamale, told the news publication. Another teacher named Siddharth Sonawane wants added that he wants to learn activities that can make these concepts simpler to understand for the students.

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