As Maharashtra Reopens Schools, 62% Of Parents Unwilling To Send Their Children: Survey

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As Maharashtra Reopens Schools, 62% Of Parents Unwilling To Send Their Children: Survey

The survey was conducted by a platform called 'LocalCircles' and it covered over 4900 people across Maharashtra, asking parents about sending their children to school on January 24.

Recently, the Maharashtra government decided to reopen schools from Monday, January 24. The announcement comes in after the authorities had closed schools until February 15, owing to the surge of COVID-19 cases. Students in classes 1-12 are permitted to attend offline classes.

However, a survey suggests over 60% of parents are unwilling to send their children to schools. Many of them are concerned about the rising positivity rate.

Children Partially Vaccinated

The survey was conducted by a platform called LocalCircles. It took in responses from 4976 people around Maharashtra, out of which 67% were men and 33% were women. Around 44% of inferences came from tier-1 cities, 31% of tier-2 towns and 25% from tier-3, 4 and rural areas.

According to The Print, the survey asked parents if they are willing to send children to school on January 24 . While 62% of parents said no, 11% agreed to do so and 16% already sent their children to schools.

"With children under 15 years unvaccinated and between 15-18 years partially vaccinated, many parents are concerned about sending children to schools due to Omicron's highly transmissible nature," said the report. Further, the report adds that the parents want COVID-19 positivity rates to drop before they make up their minds.

Schools To Adhere Covid Protocol

As reported by NDTV, the state's school education minister, Varsha Gaikwad, stated that the schools should ensure that all COVID protocols are strictly followed at all costs. "During our continued dialogue with parents and teachers, we received consistent feedback about restarting physical classes along with online education for both learning outcomes," Gaikwad said.

While permission has been given for conducting offline classes, online classes will go alongside. Therefore, there is no compulsion for students to go to school if they can attend the latter. The minister adds, "Parents' consent is important for attendance, and parents are also requested not to send students to school if they are unwell." Cities like Pune and Aurangabad will not open schools due to the rising cases and will continue with online classes.

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