Catalyzing Growth: The Launch of NIELIT-Kohimas Startup Catalyst Program for North East
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Catalyzing Growth: The Launch of NIELIT-Kohima's Startup Catalyst Program for North East

The National Institute Of Electronics & Information Technology (NIELIT) Kohima, Under The Aegis Of The Ministry Of Electronics And Information Technology (MeitY), Unveiled The Startup North East Catalyst Program.

The National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology (NIELIT) Kohima, under the aegis of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), unveiled the Startup NorthEast Catalyst Program. Renowned as an Innovation Hub and a vibrant Knowledge Center, NIELIT Kohima has taken a pioneering step by launching this dedicated program for Startup Capacity Building, making it the first of its kind among the 52 NIELIT centres nationwide.

NIELIT-Kohima: From tech-excellence to supporting startups

NIELIT-Kohima is renowned as a premier institution for technological excellence and innovation in North East India. The introduction of the Startup NorthEast Catalyst Program showcases NIELIT-Kohima's unwavering commitment to building a strong startup ecosystem, delivering unparalleled support and resources to emerging and established entrepreneurs. "This program is a testament to our commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in North East India," said
Mr. L. Lanuwabang, Director of NIELIT Kohima
. "We aim to create a nurturing environment where startups can thrive and contribute significantly to the regional economy."

Launching the 3-Month Catalyst Program
Kicking off the 3-month catalyst program, the two-day extensive workshop at NIELIT Kohima gathered a notable assembly of dignitaries, industry experts, policymakers, and startup enthusiasts. This workshop laid the foundation for a series of intensive and impactful sessions designed to empower startups. "NIELIT Kohima's initiative sets a new benchmark for supporting startups," commented Dr. Y. Jayanta Singh, Executive Director of NIELIT Guwahati
. "This program not only offers critical resources but also builds a community of innovators who will drive the next wave of growth in our region."
The program featured prominent industry experts, who shared their wealth of knowledge in business modeling, fundraising, operations, and marketing. Their contributions ensured a rich and comprehensive learning experience for the burgeoning startups in Nagaland and across the North East region. "The Startup NorthEast Catalyst Program is a significant step towards nurturing local talent and promoting economic growth in Nagaland," remarked Mr. P Tokugha Sema, Director - Industries and Commerce, Government of Nagaland
. "By providing structured support and guidance, we are paving the way for sustainable development and innovation in the state."

Adding to the emphasis on innovation and support, Anubhav Tiwari, Chief Innovation Officer at the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, stated, "The Startup NorthEast Catalyst Program embodies our vision for a digitally empowered society. It’s programs like these that will transform the North East into a major player in the national and global startup ecosystem.

North East India: A Flourishing Hub of Startups and Innovation
Renowned for its cultural richness and vast talent pool, North East India is undergoing a significant transformation, driven by the establishment of diverse startup support systems facilitated by Government initiatives and Public-Private Partnerships (PPP). Today, Nagaland is home to more than 200 recognized startups, thriving in sectors including biomedical sciences, technology, IT solutions, entertainment, and beyond.

Key list of Participating Industry Experts and Startup applicants:

Anurag Mazumdar - Co-founder & Director, The Logical Indian , Abhishek Kaushal - Co-founder & CEO, Rayd8 Healthcare, Nijil Y - Co-founder & CEO, Mashinga Tech, Raunak Dugar Product Lead, Centime Inc.
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