Dear Community Members, Thank You For Shaping This Community Right.

July 13th, 2018 / 6:27 PM

The Logical Indian

Dear Community Members,

It is a pleasure and honour to reach to all of you today. Our social media reach has clocked beyond 6 million and with every added member to our community, we don’t look at it as just a number, we see it as a bond of trust established between us and you. We can only look back at this journey with bliss, with humility, gratefulness and responsibility.

The Logical Indian is beyond what the name suggests, it is a common aspiration which we all along with you aspire and look up for in terms of inspiration, hope, sanity and courage.

Inspiration through the amazing people of India who are doing amazing things in their lives, Hope through people who have defied the odds and stood up for what is right, Sanity through having the open-mindedness to appreciate the positives of any initiative or policy and Courage through calling the spade a spade and speaking up against the social evils of our time.

Together with you, miles we have come and many many miles to go. For many of our long-standing community members, they would know about our evolution, our value systems and our commitments. We felt this was an opportune moment to share the journey of us and the Logical Indian community as a whole. A journey, where we and the community continuously course corrected and continuously evolved to become one of the most engaged and trusted media-platform for sharing and discovering news and issues that matter.

Year 2013 – A time when allegations of corruption which had rocked the UPA government much to the disappointment and anger of the vast majority of the youth. We not only felt dejected, suffocated, unrepresented by what was unfolding before us but also a craving and yearning for any individual to step up, talk and motivate the country on the issues that matter the most i.e public service, freeing India from the clutches of corruption, to bring the focus back on education, health and quality of life which when given attention to can change the fate of an individual and a country. Any scope for alternative politics came as a fresh air to many across the country including us. We saw some of these aspirations in Narendra Modi and in Arvind Kejriwal too.

More than aligning with any individual, party or political ideology, it was about appreciating the idea of alternative politics. We knew, anything that is new will head the same path, unless, the alternative is not only looked up with hope but also with a pinch of cynicism and critical judgement.

Politics was not the only arena where a shift was poised, but also the media. A credible media is the most prefered option for keeping the political and ruling class accountable to the people. With the faltering credibility of mainstream media and the rising prevalence of social media, came a new medium and opportunity to reach the masses and keep them informed.

What had been brewing in our minds, was the dire need of having an independent and public-spirited media. At a time when media credibility hit an all-time low and a medium for propaganda, we envisioned a media that brings to light the people who inspire all of us, highlights the issues which affects us all, create a platform for engagement by bringing people together.

We had this common hunger to make a social impact, an aspiration to inspire and get inspired, to see our country grow, to see schools & hospitals being built. We had this common anger over corruption, communalism, casteism, groupism and all the differences which were holding us back as a country and we had a common realisation that we are not alone and that many Indian, young and wise go through these emotions day in and day out.

We had a common realisation that, we can channel our emotions and that of others, to give hope, to be informed, to espouse the values of engagement, discussion, debate, mutual respect, to make people realise that in our differences lies a potential for a special outcome that can propel the country to great heights.

And On December 23, 2013, just 10 Days later, we happened to rename the page from Arvind Kejriwal – The Next Prime Minister Of India to The Logical Indian.


As The Logical Indian grew, more opinions came, we listened, we learned, we unlearned and we re-learned, and continuously worked towards defining standards and strengthening our value systems. Over the years, your constant feedback and suggestions have helped us to do better and do more.

4.5 years back, what started out of a 1 bedroom flat in Bangalore by two small-town brothers and first time entrepreneurs, today we are in the fifth year of our operations, solely funded by our revenues that we generate from ads and branded contents. With people’s support and encouragement and a terrific team at work, today our newsroom comprises of some of the finest editors, journalists and mentors from the industry. And we are steadfast in our resolve to improve.

But anything in the world is subject to the perception and judgement of the people and we leave it for our readers to judge the fairness, the transparency, the integrity and the neutrality with which we cover our stories.

We do not serve anyone’s interest, except, the people. We do not discriminate and have always been critical with our journalism. The testimony to the above mentioned is the fact that, we have missed no opportunity to appreciate or criticize policies or politics of parties across the board & we and our core members are from various backgrounds across India with different languages, faiths and political inclinations, making us structurally diverse.

Every story we do or drop, there lies a conviction, a simple question that we ask ourselves- Should it matter to the people? This question has helped us and the community members in large to skip, to delineate what is important from what is not important. Anything worth knowing to, anything worth debating, anything which is in the interest of the people, shall always make a story on The Logical Indian. The outcome of this simple exercise coupled with the value systems we have espoused and the absolute belief in continuous improvement through feedback from community members has been a special bond of trust which we and community members have established.

In the recent past, an issue has been flagged through posts and tweets which highlighted the changing of our name from a pre-existing one to The Logical Indian, we thank them for highlighting this publicly accessible information.

Recently Facebook took some significant steps to bring more transparency to ads and Pages on Facebook and introduced a new Info and Ads section on Pages. Info and Ads allow anyone on Facebook to view the active ads a Page is running as well as the ability to learn more information about the Page (such as the date created and any previous name changes).

Over the years, there have been numerous instances across facebook which led to the global roll-out of this particular feature by Facebook. After operating for a few years and building a mid/large sized audience, the pages suddenly rename/re-brand their identity. While sometimes these are genuine cases of re-branding/acquisition/buy-out, but many times it is being done with a malicious intent to propagate information of a particular kind (which may also be misleading/fake/abusive/violent in nature), with an intent to condition the public sentiment. We thank and appreciate Facebook for coming up with this much-needed update which now lets everyone access the historical data of a page.

The change of name, 10 days after the initial name, was the first in our series of learning and unlearning process which has not stopped till date. We invite our critics to go through the stories and the news covered on The Logical Indian to see if there is malicious intent behind it. Any constructive feedback from them will also be factored in our learning process and make ourselves better. But as it stands now, we have no qualms in highlighting the positives and criticizing the negatives of any political party, as mentioned earlier, we are bootstrapped and are dependent purely on the revenue of our ads and branded contents.


We remain committed to our values and we’d want to assure our community members that the faith which you have bestowed is paramount to us and the editorial integrity of The Logical Indian, shall never be compromised.

We strive to report more attention-worthy, under-reported news and human-interest stories. We will always continue to practice our journalism in the interest of the people.  

We believe perfection is an illusion as there always lies a scope of improvement. We take note of your comments and have always embraced your feedback and criticism to course-correct ourselves. We encourage you to be more open and critical with your feedback and opinion as it helps us stay grounded to our roots.

We believe in having open conversations and most importantly, we respect difference of opinion. 

Love and Gratitude,
The Logical Indian Crew

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