Connection Of Lives In A Confused World; The Story Of Lakshya And Jo

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August 21st, 2018 / 5:00 AM

For those of us born in the 1980s and in the early 90s, we have seen and embraced a lot of changes. In the Indian context, changes in family structure and gender roles resulted in a melting-pot of energies. Today, a husband-wife nuclear family of two working professionals is quite the norm in our metros and tech hubs. Now, the 80s and 90s kids are 20-30 something adults who are stuck between the past and the present. Can our society accept a couple where the female is a working professional but the man is a stay at home husband with no clear goal?

Let’s call the young couple, Lakshya and Jo. Lakshya is a chilled out cool dude who feels that the world is his oyster. Innovative and a people’s person, he can’t say no when his friends need him. Now, Lakshya and Jo are very much in love and they are living in a beautiful bungalow. However, Jo, a driven and balanced person, is finding it difficult to be in sync with Lakshya’s energy.

Lakshya doesn’t want to be tied to a conventional job. Jo supports him and believes that he would find his passion one day. However, what the new couple didn’t take into account was the inpouring of random advice from just about everyone. Fused in love, yet Lakshya and Jo are nearing a short-circuit of ideals and a big bang of energies.

Will Lakshya and Jo even celebrate their first anniversary?

11 months into their marriage, the switch on their happiness is suddenly turned off. Much like their home, they find as if the light in their lives is dimming on its own. Can the advice of friends and relatives salvage the situation? Well, if you think laddus can fix the wires of the heart, then yes.

As their first anniversary comes closer, they find themselves poles apart.

Who will catch the vibe?

To be in sync is more art than science. When people in relationships exude different kinds of energies, it can lead to conflict. Not only this, the ambience, the lingering energy of a house can amplify the energy, whether good or bad. Now, Lakshya and Jo seem unable to move past their differences.

If they can’t find a way to untangle their wires, they can still fix those of their lovely bungalow. Who knows, perhaps the spark in their life will come back as well. So, who can be trusted to fix their home if so much is at stake?

Connection of Lives

Legrand understands the need for safe, convenient and comfortable daily lives. For more than two decades, they have been lighting up Indian homes. Their global experience enables them to electrify and simplify our not just our home but our daily lives as well. The connection of lives and protection for life brings the good vibes.

To watch more about the couple and to know whether Lakshya finds his ‘lakshya’ or whether society will dictate the terms, you can visit this YouTube link.

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