[Watch] Stand-Up Comedian Performs With No Audience To Highlight Meghalaya’s Mining Tragedy

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January 13th, 2019 / 9:46 AM

Stand Up Comedian Mine Tragedy

Image Credits: The Indian Express

On December 13, at least 15 miners got trapped in a rat-hole mine located in East Jaintia Hill district of Meghalaya. Since then, it has been close to a month, but the rescue operations are still not over. The 15 miners are now feared dead, the family are crying for help and many of them have also lost hopes of seeing their loved ones. 

“If this comes as news to you, you are not alone,” reads the disclaimer before the start of comedian Abhineet Mishra’s stand-up show (not comedy) which he performs in an empty room, symbolic of the amount of attention issues of Northeastern states get. The comedian tries to highlight the lackadaisical approach of the government and the media while dealing with the mining tragedy and other issues of Meghalaya. 

Story that nobody wants to listen

In the six-minute- long video, Mishra talks about the mining tragedy that recently took place in Meghalaya. While pointing out Indian media’s neglect toward the state. The comedian says, “Our media is fascinated about other things like Rahul Gandhi winking at Modiji, Rahul baba hugging Modiji.”

A native of Meghalaya, Mishra performed his act in an empty club, in an attempt to make a point that how the Northeastern states might have numerous stories to tell like Mishra himself but there is no audience.

The comedian criticises the government for talking about getting faster trains, however, at the same time failing to get good technology water pumps. In his set, he talks about how there was a 15-day delay in transporting 10 high-powered water pumps from Delhi to Meghalaya, which left the workers of that rat-hole mine trapped without food, first-aid and light for that same period.

What is point of bullet train and statues?

He asks the government that what is the point of having the technology and resources to erect 200-foot-tall statues (hinting to the Statue Of Unity) when you (the government) can’t rescue people trapped 300 feet below the ground”.

Mishra also talks about the helpless and grieved father who wants to rappel down the 380-foot coal mine to search for his son, who got stuck in the mine on December 13. Mishra says that the poor father wants to do this because of the sheer helplessness he finds himself surrounded with.

Applauded by many

The video of the Mishra’s set was put out on YouTube on January 6 and since then it has received an interaction of over 48,000 views. The comedian also posted the video on Facebook, with a caption, “There is no comedy here, no jokes. If you are looking for humour, read up on the rescue mission to save the 15 miners trapped in the coal mine in Meghalaya. I am a professional comic who can write jokes. But, none better than those written by the national media and our politicians in government and in the opposition. We could do better!”

Many appreciated Mishra’s effort and criticized media and Meghalaya government for neglecting the state.

The Logical Indian also appreciate Mishra’s effort to make more people aware of the problem and using stand Up as a platform to highlight the issue.

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Stand-Up Comedian Performs With No Audience To Highlight Meghalaya’s Mining Tragedy"]

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