This Diwali, Break The Shackles Of Gender & Let’s Build An Equal Society

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November 6th, 2018 / 7:36 PM

On Diwali, even as we welcome the Goddess, some of us forget to appreciate the millions of ‘Goddesses’ who already are a part of our families. Even in the 21st century India, the women are bound by invisible shackles in a society where the moral policing is often more active than actual law enforcement. This moral policing not only happens in the public space but also in our homes.

India is a diverse country and yet, we find unity in diversity. This is reflected in not just the good aspects but also in the prevalence of traditional mindset across the country. One such issue is of the deep-rooted patriarchy and gender inequality in the country. The old issues still plague us, often sanctified by religion and legitimised by tradition. While women are subjected to rules, restrictions and discrimination even in their homes, the men roam freely justifying their objectionable and sexist behaviour with disdain.

This is not about generalising the behaviour of a particular gender, rather it’s about building a fair and equal society, a society to which we all belong. In this light, Sabhyata endeavors to #Redefinethecelebration and bring a positive change this Diwali. In a heartwarming video, they have shown how our familial values can be in harmony with the changing times.

Redefine The Celebration

On Diwali, we clean our homes but perhaps this year, we can also discard the old mentality and clean our minds. Let's #Redefinethecelebration this festive season with Sabhyata.

Posted by The Logical Indian on Monday, November 5, 2018

After all, it is up to us, the citizens to break the age-old chains and contribute towards a new India like champions. Gender inequality has long been an issue. Instead of a ‘glass-ceiling,’ the patriarchal norms often manifest in the form of a rock ceiling in our country. Even at a young age, the roles of girls and boys are defined differently by society.

This can be seen among school children as well. A brother and a sister duo, who both reside in the same home and go to the same school, have different roles they are expected to play. The boy after coming from school will have to do his homework and then he can play with friends. However, for the girl, often the parents would focus on her house skills, like cooking and such because they feel that’s what a girl’s role is. Often, the restrictions on the females of the household are more in both, number and severity. This continues till the daughters are replaced by daughters-in-law and the vicious cycle repeats.

Even though there has been progress, there are people in our society who openly mock and abuse the attempts made towards building a better society. When Sabhyata posted the above video, few comments showed the above to be depressingly true. The comments in question range from abusive to sexist and misogynistic and overall, they reflect the outdated and conservative mindset that is still prevalent even among the ‘educated’ youth.

The times are indeed changing with education initiatives and the emergence of strong role models. However, the will to bring a change must be borne responsibly by all of us. This applies not just to individuals but even to brands. Sabhyata has been a responsible brand and they have taken up this mantle to bring a positive change. It’s time when we should not only teach our daughters and sisters to be respectful and responsible, but we should teach the same to our sons and brothers.

The Logical Indian appreciates this initiative by Sabhyata and hopes that this Diwali, we #Redefinethecelebration.

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