Meet Priyanka Gupta; Economics Graduate Turned Chaiwali, Who Started A Tea Stall In Patna

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Meet Priyanka Gupta; Economics Graduate Turned 'Chaiwali', Who Started A Tea Stall In Patna

Akanksha Saxena
20 April 2022 11:22 AM GMT

Priyanka Gupta graduated with an Economics degree in 2019, but she was unable to find a job in the span of two years. Inspired by Prafull Billore, she decided to start the tea stall.

A girl named Priyanka Gupta has taken the internet by storm with her recent entrepreneurial initiative. The 24-year-old Economics graduate started a tea stall in front of a women's college in Patna. With this endeavour, Gupta aims to support the 'Aatmanirbhar Bharat' initiative started by PM Narendra Modi, who worked as a 'chaiwala' in the past.

Priyanka Gupta completed her undergraduate studies in 2019, after which she actively started to search for jobs. However, she kept hitting a dead-end in the two years as no lucrative opportunity came her way. It was then that she decided to start a tea stall to earn a living. Gupta has become popular in a short time in the city and around the country.

'Why Not A Chaiwali?'

For Priyanka Gupta, her inspiration is Prafull Billore, who famously runs 'MBA Chaiwala' in Ahmedabad. In 2017, Billore dropped out of university, after which he went on to create a successful outlet that has a whopping ₹4 crore turnover with over 50 branches across the country. Quoted by NDTV, Gupta expressed her desire to open the stall after hearing about Billore. "There are many 'chaiwalas'. Why can't there be a 'chaiwali?'"

The stall's banner is laden with quirky punchlines to attract customers, such as 'peena hi padega' ( you will have to drink it). Below it, Gupta used the age-old lines that every desi kid is familiar with. It said, "Log kya sochenge? Agar yeh bhi hum sochenge, toh phir log kya sochege?" The menu includes the usual contents such as 'Kulhad Chai' and 'Masala Chai' that cost ₹15 and ₹20 respectively. Not only that, she has tea in exciting flavours, such as paan and chocolate.

Receiving Mixed Reactions

Priyanka Gupta's venture has grabbed nationwide attention. On Twitter alone, the tea stall garnered mixed reactions. Many people appreciated her determination and wished her the best for the future. "She is an inspiration, simply breaking shackles in a society where a salaried job is everything," one user said.

However, many used this as an example of the country's employment situation. With several people graduating with good degrees, the lack of jobs is a concern that many believe exists. A user states, "This narrative is far more telling about the lack of jobs than it is about her entrepreneurial spirit." Another user adds, "While this is a brilliant accomplishment for Priyanka Gupta, this is also a matter of sheer shame that she could not find a job after graduation (while illiterates become ministers). This highlights the incompetence of the govt like so many others."

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