Shocking! At Least 4 Dead In Dry State Bihar After Consuming Spurious Alcohol, Many Others Hospitalised

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Shocking! At Least 4 Dead In 'Dry State' Bihar After Consuming Spurious Alcohol, Many Others Hospitalised

Laxmi Mohan Kumar
5 Aug 2022 8:37 AM GMT

In a second inident of alcohol poisoning this month, Bihar reported the death of four people. Multiple other people have been admitted to hospitals across the district over other serious illnesses caused by the same. 

Four people have died and several others have reportedly lost their eyesight after consuming spurious liquor in the Saran district of Bihar. This is the second such case of alcohol poisoning that has come to light after two people were declared dead in the same district on the second of August. The total death toll this month has gone up to six in Bihar.

Aftermath Of The Mishap

Following the incident, several officials, including the District Magistrate and Superintendent of Police, have initiated an investigation to look into the case and crack down the illegal liquor suppliers across the district.

Those killed in the incident have been identified as Omnath Mahto, Chandraeshwar Mahto, Chandan Mahto and Kamal Mahto. Their families were contacted and information regarding them was collected. As per reports by India Today, the police were able to confirm that the dead had consumed spurious and adulterated alcohol during the Nag Panchami celebrations conducted in the village on the second of August.

Three people had died while being treated at the Patna Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH) and one was brought dead to the hospital. 20 others are being treated at the Sadar hospital at Chapra and PMCH. Among them, many have lost their vision and are being treated for serious illnesses.

The total number of people who consumed spurious liquor on the day has not been ascertained. A team of doctors, paramedics, and inspectors have been sent to the village to analyse the situation and are currently testing the villagers with a breath analyser. At least 35 villagers who were tested for liquor consumption have been sent over to the PMCH, after which the hospital authorities have been on high alert.

The Reverse Effect Of Liquor Bans

This incident, in addition to the many other similar instances reported across Bihar and Gujarat over the year has made many rethink the relevance of Liquor bans in the states.

Despite the imposition of a liquor ban in Bihar in 2016, hooch-related accidents have been on the rise. In the month of March, 32 people lost their lives in Bihar due to suspected consumption of illicit liquor. More villages started reporting similar cases of those who were hospitalised or passed away by allegedly drinking hooch.

Even Gujarat, which has been a "dry state" since the 1960s, saw hundreds of people's lives being claimed by alcohol poisoning.

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