Health For All! UP Government Hospitals To Have Dedicated Transgender Wards

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Uttar Pradesh

Health For All! UP Government Hospitals To Have Dedicated Transgender Wards

Ronit Kumar Singh
12 Aug 2022 6:01 AM GMT

In an effort to make health facilities available for all, the government hospitals in all the districts of Uttar Pradesh will now have a ward reserved for the transgender community. The orders have been issued, and the implementation process has also commenced.

The government hospitals across all the districts of Uttar Pradesh will now have dedicated wards reserved for the transgender community members. According to the 2011 census, the most populous state of India consists of 1.37 lakh people belonging to the transgender community. By the numbers, the initiative will hold an impact on a larger group.

The orders regarding the same have been issued, and implementation of the initiative has been started in several districts, including Prayagraj, where five-bed dedicated wards for transgender people have been set up in four hospitals- Dufferin Hospital, Tej bahadur Sapru Hospital, SRN Hospital, and Motilal Nehru Divisional Hospital.

Identity Card For Transgenders

The state government has also started distributing identity cards to transgender people to help them provide government welfare schemes. The identity cards will be available at the district administration's office across the state. According to the officials, the initiative is being taken to make the transgender community join the mainstream.

In the district of Prayagraj, three transgender people have already received their identity cards which will now help them to avail benefits provided by the government. A member of the Uttar Pradesh Kinnar Welfare Board, Kaushalya Nandgiri, said, "These initiatives of the state government are surely going to benefit the transgender community. It will assist all members in moving ahead along with the society while living a life of dignity," reported Hindustan Times.

She added that plan is also to install separate toilets for transgender people across the state and separate cells at police stations to redress the security and safety concerns of transgender community members. Through its vision to make the state more inclusive, the UP government is taking up challenges that will change the dynamics and on-ground reality.

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