Embracing Technology! Drones Will Soon Deliver Medicines, Blood To Hospitals In Kozhikode

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Embracing Technology! Drones Will Soon Deliver Medicines, Blood To Hospitals In Kozhikode

Shiva Chaudhary
8 Jun 2022 10:34 AM GMT

Joining forces with Skye Air Mobility, Aster DM Healthcare will now conduct deliveries of medicines and diagnostic samples to hospitals via drones.

New Delhi-based drone technology logistics firm, Skye Air Mobility, has partnered with Aster DM Healthcare and initiated delivery trials for essential medicines and diagnostic samples in Kozhikode, Kerala.

According to a release by Skye Air, after the five days of beyond the visual line of sight, or BVLOS, trials, the partnership has a target of approximately 50 flights, each carrying medicines and blood samples for the Aster MIMS Hospital.

Faster Deliveries

The CEO of Skye Air, Ankit Kumar, said these trials aim to "demonstrate a faster supply chain for sample collection" by the effective use of drone technology. The cost-effectiveness and the "reduction in delivery time" is a bonus for the technology, as reported by Money Control.

He added that it would, therefore, act as an example of how aerial systems, which are entirely unmanned, could help hospital chains, like Aster MIMS, to serve their patients better.

He said that it would also improve "opportunities for network improvements that generate efficiencies", which would help in overall growth. This would be a trial, which would result in "commercial rollouts" in different cities for different healthcare providers across the country.

The deliveries would happen in a certain process, with a Skye Air professional loading the diagnostic sample in a temperature-controlled box, which would then be loaded onto the drone. The drone pilots would then direct the drone through a fixed route to a pre-decided destination.

Agreement For Delivery Trials

The agreement states that, for now, the medicinal products and supplies would be delivered using Skye Air's Ship One drones from the Kozhikode-based Aster MIMS Hospital to the Areekode Aster Mother Hospital, which is at an approximately 30-kilometre distance. The statement also said that the two companies have planned to expand the project across Kerala in the future.

In the first phase of the project, a connection was established between Aster MIMS Calicut and Aster Mother Hospital in Areekode in the Malappuram district, according to a statement by Farhan Yasin, Aster's Cluster Regional Director for Kerala and Oman. He added that if it turns out to be successful, "our drones will be able to reach every home in our state in case of an emergency and execute such transfers effortlessly," as reported by The Economic Times.

Earlier, Skye Air and Aster DM Healthcare had also undertaken a seven-day trial with the same aim of delivering medicines and diagnostic samples in Bengaluru.

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