Beaten For Dowry, Giving Birth To Girl Child: Bijnor Woman Died By Suicide In NY After 8 Yrs Of Domestic Abuse

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'Beaten For Dowry, Giving Birth To Girl Child': Bijnor Woman Died By Suicide In NY After 8 Yrs Of Domestic Abuse

Ronit Kumar Singh
9 Aug 2022 8:01 AM GMT

A 30-year-old Sikh woman, Mandeep Kaur, died of Suicide in New York, US, after battling her husband's years-long domestic violence. Her family living in UP's Bijnor now demands justice and is concerned for her two daughters.

The increasing cases of domestic abuse and violence are increasing significantly, posing a threat to womanhood. In a recent incident, a 30-year-old woman from Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh, Mandeep Kaur, died by suicide in New York, United States, after suffering 8-years of domestic abuse by her husband, Ranjodhbeer Singh Sandhu.

The woman posted a video online where she broke down and explained her suffering from domestic abuse. She informed that she has been beaten and thrashed by her husband for the last eight years.

Kaur's family living in the Bijnor district are now concerned for both the child as they are living with her husband.

Her younger sister, Kuldeep Kaur, said, "We should get the custody of both the child. I will raise them like a mother. I want her husband to get the strictest punishment possible. He should get the death sentence. I appeal to the Indian government to help us get justice," India Today reported.

'Demand For A Son'

The younger sister added that Mandeep was harassed by her husband and in-laws over demand of dowry and giving birth to two girl children.

The deceased's father said her daughter's husband constantly tortured her, demanding a son. Being incapable of raising two kids, Mandeep never left her husband, her father added.

Kaur's family in Bijnor alleged that her husband and in-laws also demanded Rs 50 Lakh for raising two daughters. After years of suffering, her family also filed a case in a police post in New York, which scared the entire family, but they got relief after begging Mandeep to dismiss the case.

In a video posted by Kaur before attempting suicide, she said that the people responsible for my death would be my in-laws and husband. He has been beating me for long 8-years and never let me live peacefully. She added that I tolerated all the domestic abuse, thinking that my husband would improve one day.

The video has surfaced across social media platforms, receiving harsh comments about her husband's character.

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