Would You Ever Want To Buy Your Groom? This Market In Bihar Sells Partner For Life

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Would You Ever Want To Buy Your Groom? This Market In Bihar Sells Partner For Life

Ronit Kumar Singh
10 Aug 2022 6:23 AM GMT

A market dedicated to the sale of grooms is situated in the Madhubani district of Bihar. Families of the bride visit the place to pick the best out of hundreds of choices on the menu. The tradition is said to be 700 years old.

Buying a groom from an open market sounds bizarre, but it's the reality in a market near the Madhubani district of Bihar. The market is dedicated to the sale of grooms where the bride's families come to pick the best out of the lot. The grooms in the market are available along with their guardians.

The entire market is organised for nine days under a 'Pipal' tree, popularly known as 'Sarath Sabha.' People from the Brahmin community of Mithlanchal in the Madhubani district visit the place with the bride to choose the best groom per their preference.

A 700-Years-Old Tradition

Believe it or not, the tradition dates back to around 700 years when the Raja Hari Singh, during the Karnat Dynasty, started to facilitate marriages between people of different 'Gotras.' The primary aim of conducting such a market was to make marriages dowry free, but it remains blurred yet. The illegal tradition of the exchange of dowry is still prevalent in these marriages.

The grooms are readily available in the market wearing traditional Dhoti and Kurta or shirts and Jeans. Each groom is priced based on their capability, including their educational qualifications and family background. Before the marriage, the bride's parents check the groom's family and verify all other details, reported Times Now.

The bride's side even asks for an Aadhar card, birth certificate, educational certificate and other documents for on-spot verification, which is kept ready by the groom's side. As soon as the groom is selected, the families initiate further proceedings for marriage.

Earlier, people must have heard about the bride being sold, mainly in the rural part of the country. In an instance when Rajasthan was skewed up for its sex ratio, the grooms were finding it difficult to search for a bride. Then came the Hadauti market in the light, where brides were sold for Rs 50,000 to 1 Lakh, according to their qualifications and homemaking skills. The tradition is prevalent in India, where such markets are organised to fix marriages bizarrely.

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