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Fact Check: IUMLs Office Viral As Congresss Wayanad Office

Image Credit: Twitter

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Fact Check: IUML's Office Viral As Congress's Wayanad Office

Jakir Hassan
16 Jun 2021 11:35 AM GMT

A post is going viral on social media in which people are claiming that this is Congress party's office in Wayanad. The photograph show a crescent and star marked on a green building. In our investigation, we found that this claim is completely false. This building is not the Congress office but the office of IUML.

A picture of a green building is going viral on social media. It is being claimed that this picture is of the office of the Congress party in Wayanad, Kerala. In this picture, one can see a building that is painted green with a crescent & a star symbol.

The picture has a text in Hindi in red colour which says, 'For how long will you continue to make the mistake of treating the Congress party as a party of Hindus?" and a text in black colour which says, "Congress office, Wayanad, Kerala".


The green painted building with moons and stars on it is of the congress party in Wayanad, Kerala.

Fact Check:

The viral claim is false.

We did a Google reverse image search of the viral picture and found a Twitter comment with the same claim from 2019, in which a copy of this photo without the text was found. It is clear that this image is not of current time.

We looked closely at the picture. We saw the symbol 'moon and star' on top of the building. On Google Images, we found flags with moon stars using different keywords. Finally, we got a flag similar to the picture. The flag belongs to Indian Union Muslim League (IUML). Comparing the IUML flag with the viral image shows the same symbol is used in the picture. From this, it is inferred that this building belongs to the Indian Union Muslim League.

Image Credit: Wikipedia
Image Credit: Wikipedia

After this, we can see something written in Malayalam on the side of this flag symbol. On translation, we found that Iqbal Nagar League House is written on it. After this we see a ladder sign on the left side of the picture. We tried using different keywords on Google search to find the party whose symbol is the ladder. On Wikipedia of the Indian Union Muslim League, we found that this symbol as their election symbol. After this, we tried to find this symbol by going to the Election Commission of India website. It is clearly written on the website that the "Indian Union Muslim League" is a recognized party in the state of Kerala, which has the reserved symbol 'ladder' in that state.

Image Credit: Election Commission Of India
Image Credit: Election Commission Of India

On the left, we can see the picture of the late Syed Muhammad Ali Shihab Thangal. He was a Muslim religious leader and politician from Kerala. He was the President of the Kerala State Committee of the Indian Union Muslim League. Shihab Thangal was a member of the Thangal family.

Image Credit: Wikipedia
Image Credit: Wikipedia

The Congress has repeatedly targeted social media over the IUML's identification marks, particularly the party's flag, which is green in colour with a crescent and a star. The banner of this party has often been claimed to be the Pakistani flag to portray the Congress party as sympathetic to Pakistan and Pakistanis. Hence, the claim is false.

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