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Fact Check: Video Of A Man Brutally Being Thrashed Shared With Communal Claim
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Fact Check: Video Of A Man Brutally Being Thrashed Shared With Communal Claim

Aditi Chattopadhyay
22 July 2020 5:54 AM GMT

[Trigger Warning: Disturbing Video] The Logical Indian Fact Check team investigates the claim that Viral video shows Hindus ill-treating a Muslim man.

A disturbing video showing two men brutally thrashing another person with sticks is being circulated on social media platforms with the claim that it shows 'Hindu Extremism'.

The video also shows a burqa-clad woman who is trying to save the man getting beaten.

"Look at how extremists in India today are brutally beating this family Muslims in India are killed under the cover of the fascist Indian government Hindutva ideology is very dangerous for world," reads the caption of one such post.

The claim has been shared several times on Facebook.


Viral video shows Hindus ill-treating A Muslim man.

Fact Check:

The claim is false.

A Google Reverse Image search was done by breaking the video into individual frames using InVid.

This led to a tweet by a journalist named Prashant Shukla who had posted the same video. He wrote that the incident had occurred in Siddharthnagar in Uttar Pradesh.

Siddharthnagar police responded to Shukla's tweet and clarified that the incident had no communal angle in it.

According to the police, the incident had occurred on July 6 at the Itwa town in Siddharthnagar district. A man named Ijaz and his family members were beaten up by some men with sticks.

The viral video shows a family member of Ijaz being thrashed. The police records have listed the names of the accused. It clearly shows that they are Muslims as well. The names of the accused are Istekhar, Anwar Raja, Mohammed Kaleem and Haleem.

The police clarified that the incident took place following a dispute between kids of the families of the accused and the victim. Three of the accused have been apprehended.

Shukla also tweeted a video in which Ijaz can be heard telling the names of the men who thrashed him and his family.

The incident was also covered in a report by Jagran.

Therefore, the incident does not have a communal angle to it since they both belong to the same community.

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