Shocking! College Students In Bihar Asked To Write Exam Using Phone Light Amid Power Cut

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Shocking! College Students In Bihar Asked To Write Exam Using Phone Light Amid Power Cut

Ronit Kumar Singh
1 July 2022 11:08 AM GMT

On June 29, students of a prominent college in Munger city of Bihar were asked to write an exam using their phone’s light amid a power cut on the campus. Students expressed their disregard and disappointment towards the management of the college.

The management asked the students from a prominent college on June 29 to use the light of their phones for writing the exam. Reportedly, the power of college premises shorted due to bad weather and power generator also let down. The incident is of RD & DJ College, situated in the Munger city of Bihar. When students came out of the exam hall, they complained about the management failure and expressed disappointment.

A student, Ashutosh Mishra, said, "We were writing our answers, and suddenly the power of the entire college was cut, and we were left in darkness as it was raining." The management tried to start the power generator, but they failed. He added that they ordered us to use the mobile torch to write the exam. Many students claimed that they hadn't performed well in the exam as it was difficult for them to handle mobile phones in one hand and write from another hand.

Cruel Joke With Students

Without disclosing the name, a student said, "The college and university here are playing a cruel joke with students," Hindustan Times reported. The students were writing their history papers as part of the Bachelors in Arts (BA)- Part I exam when it started raining and the power supply toppled.

The superintendent of the exam centre, Sanjay Bharti, said, "We were helpless after our generator could not start and even, we tried and called a mechanic to rectify the snag, but it could not be started. We asked the examinees to use their mobile torch as ongoing examinations could not be postponed."

He remained silent when asked about the mobile phone ban inside the exam hall. Following the incident, a member of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) mentioned that this university is scripting records of nasty things. The university cannot conduct any sort of examination, an ABVP member added.

After the heated situation, the controller of examination (CoE), Munger University, gave a show-cause notice to the centre superintendent, and an explanation of the incident awaited. The CoE also expressed his disregard and disappointment over mobile phones being carried out by the students inside the exam hall.

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