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After Photo Of Garbage In Vande Bharat Express Goes Viral, Railway Minister Shares Video Of Trains Being Cleaned

Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw posted a video on Twitter showing a train employee collecting empty plastic bottles and other trash from each passenger's seat.

A day after an IAS officer posted a video showing trash strewn on the floor of the Vande Bharat Express, the railways minister, Ashwini Vaishnaw, urged people to implement the cleanliness procedures in the trains on Sunday.

He posted a video on Twitter showing a train employee collecting empty plastic bottles and other trash from each passenger's seat.

'Cleaning Procedure As Used In Flights'

The concerned personnel were also given orders by the minister to change the cleaning procedures used in these trains.

He emphasised using the cleaning procedure used on aeroplanes. A waste collection bag will be moved throughout the coach during this operation, and passengers will be asked to place any litter they see in the bag.

This occurred the day after a photograph of a coach's filthy floor from a Vande Bharat Express train went viral on social media. On Twitter, the image was extensively shared along with comments decrying the littering.

Cleaning system changed for #VandeBharat trains.
आपका सहयोग अपेक्षित है।

Post That Started It All

As per a photo shared by Twitter Handle EPanchajanya on Saturday (January 28), the floor of the Vande Bharat Express coach was littered with trash, including used food containers, plastic bags, and empty bottles.

Citizens and Twitterati were quick to pass comments about passengers not being able to follow basic hygiene. They even blamed the railway officials for not deploying necessary staff to clean the train floors and deliver clean facilities. 

गंतव्य पर पहुंचने के बाद वन्दे भारत ट्रेन की स्थिति।

Netizens React To New Procedure

Twitterati was quite impressed with the immediate response from Railway Minister Vaishnaw. A user named Joshi B said, "Good initiative by Railway Ministry, as always". Another user named Sr Charuhas responded to Vaishnaw'a tweet saying, "Indian Railways found a solution to our tardiness already, but shame on us". 

However, there were some who were not in support of someone else coming to the passenger's seat with bags to collect the trash. A user named ParuChirps said, "Appreciate, but don't understand this entitlement to have labour come to pick up litter when the bin is nearby. We need more awareness to change this mindset. Sad!"

A majority of users have expresses support to the latest railways initiative, hoping that it will help keep the trains clean and beautiful. 

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