Serving The Underserved Communities: SBI Youth for India Fellowship Is An Opportunity To Create A Social Impact

The SBI Youth for India Fellowship aims to create a pool of empathetic citizens who can help in solving the issues affecting rural communities.

India is one of the youngest countries with around 20.5% of the youth population living in the urban areas, according to the 2011 Government Census. The development of any country depends on how enabled and responsive its youth citizens are to meet the various challenges that come in the way of the country's development. The various educational fellowship programmes in India are put in place to build a cadre of young leaders to make a better India. In this season of many academic conclusions, SBI Youth For India Fellowship 2021-2022, in its tenth year invites India's brightest minds once again to experience transformational leadership through its unique fellowship programme. Click here to apply.

The State Bank of India's CSR Arm SBI Foundation's flagship initiative The SBI Youth for India Fellowship, with the goal to power India's youth network, aims to create a pool of empathetic citizens who can collaborate with rural communities and solve the problems of rural India. Therefore, the fellowship enables urban youth to work on a number of development projects in rural India. With its 12 diverse domain areas such as Health, Education, Livelihood, Renewable Energy etc, the fellowship provides a unique opportunity for bright, young and socially driven individuals to make a difference. The skillset and intellect of the fellows are utilised by leading NGOs through the SBI Youth For India fellowship to catalyse the impact and development required in the most vulnerable areas.

With its values aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, through the SBI Youth For India fellowship, the fellows meet the most under-served rural communities and understand their needs and challenges from the grassroots. It not only fosters a sense of community togetherness but also offers a dynamic latitude to build a cohesive framework and problem-solving abilities. A number of individuals every year are benefited from the unique intervention of the fellows through the SBI Youth For India Fellowship programme.

It is indeed true that India lives beyond just the city lights and well-shaved roads, deeper into the rural territories. The ground realities of the country, as we see, demand the attention of the educated Indian youth. SBI Youth For India Fellowship is certainly opening up avenues for the skilled youth to know the country and our own people better. The Logical Indian appreciates SBI Youth For India for securing sustainable progress in the rural dividend of the country by channelising India's greatest asset, the youth force.

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