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Tamil Nadu CM Stalin Acts On Media Reports, Starts Bus Services For School-Going Tribal Kids

Reports had highlighted that the kids climbed up the hill and got to the other side at Venbakkam to reach the school and later cross a bypass. The parents suffered the most, who were forced to cover twice the distance of 28 km while dropping and picking them up.

The tribal children of Pazhaveli village in Tamil Nadu's Chengalpet district need not walk 14kms on foot to reach school anymore, as the state government has started bus services for them.

Ordeal Of The Kids

Chief Minister MK Stalin took cognisance of the story reported by The New Indian Express, highlighting the obstacles faced by the tribal children to cover a distance of 14 km from home to school. They climb up the hill to get to the other side at Venbakkam to reach the school and later cross a bypass.

The parents suffer the most, who are forced to cover twice the distance of 28km while dropping and picking them up.

Public transport facility is unavailable even for the nearest school in the area, which is seven km away. Although the state has advanced itself for a digital model of education, places like Pazhaveli still await basic amenities.

Internet connectivity is far-fetched; the village is still lamenting the unavailability of electricity and lack of toilets. Reportedly, the tribal rights activists have voiced the concern to the government several times, but they remained unheard.

Transport Department Directed

The CM immediately directed Transport Minister RS Raja Kannappan to arrange the bus services. The State Transport Corporation (Villupuram) officials surveyed the route on Wednesday, July 14, and began services the same day.

The officials are also surveying the area over complaints of unavailability of electricity and toilets.

The residents and the activists expressed their gratitude to the government and Stalin for personally taking note of the matter.

"We are happy to hear that the CM has seen the story and taken action. We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to the government," M Azhagesan, Chengalpet District Secretary of the State-Tribal Association, told The New Indian Express.

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